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    Brazil Sense & Sensibility :: Casa d’Água House :: São Paulo

    São Paulo-based studio Isay Weinfeld, one of Brazil’s most exciting contemporary architectural firm has designed the Casa d’Água House. The two-story contemporary residence is located in São Paulo, Brazil.

    From the street door, a narrow pool runs alongside the house, for the whole length of the land: in the first half, large granite stones anchored to the bottom slab skip across the water surface forming a pathway to the central patio; further, it becomes a swimming lane that stretches to the back wall of the plot.

    The shape of the plot, long and narrow, led us to create a central patio dividing the building in two blocks, so as to allow for a good insolation in all rooms: they all face either north, east or west. Outdoors, thick natural-twine ropes make up a curtain that shadows the patio and filters the sunlight.

    Over 4 levels, all spaces are arranged according, mainly, to their functions: garage and mechanical rooms are placed on the basement floor; dining and living rooms, kitchen and laundry areas, on the ground floor; a private sitting room and bedrooms, on the first floor; and finally, on the top floor, a small office and a terrace.

    It was the clients’ wish that the house would not look, nor feel, ‘new’ to them. So we proposed that it be built with some elements taken from their farm, and they agreed. Thus, for instance, raw stones were brought in to cover the external walls; and old wood pieces to floor the bedrooms. They are all reference to the family’s living, history and special relation with nature - Isay Weinfeld .

    Designed by Isay Weinfeld 

    Where: São Paulo, Brasil.

    Photographs: Alvaro Povoa

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